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Unclaimed Assets has been locating missing beneficiaries for life insurers since 1989. Over the years, we have helped individuals in all 50 states and dozens of countries around the world receive the benefits due to them.

How UA Works

Due Diligence

Many of our clients view our service as the final process in due diligence. Once your claims professionals have exhausted their efforts to locate an individual, we ask that you let us use our vast experience and resources to bring forward and assist missing beneficiaries. Our clients believe it is imperative to perform this vital last step in the due diligence process before escheating funds to the state.

Guaranteed Beneficiary Satisfaction

Our process is simple. When we receive your completed missing-beneficiary or missing-policy-holder form, we immediately send you confirmation. Once we locate the missing individual, we ask him or her to sign a release form and affidavit, allowing us to perfect the claim and be compensated for our efforts. Our top priority is to see that missing beneficiaries receive the benefits that are due to them.

We offer you:

  • Several pricing arrangements available
  • Confirmations and consistent reports on all active cases
  • Experts in Guardianships/Trusts for minors
  • Guaranteed beneficiary satisfaction
  • Near 100% success in locations
  • Access to investigators worldwide


"I am very grateful to the team at Unclaimed Assets. When it came to contacting me and providing knowledge of my claim, they were very courteous and were terrific about listening to my concerns. By filling out minimal paperwork, their team was able to process and handle all the legal paperwork without any stress on my part. I received the claim check promptly and all the proof of accounts receipts were included. I am thankful for their help and would recommend Unclaimed Assets™ to anyone!"
- Brendan G., U.S. Navy Bahrain

"The process was exceptionally fast and painless- just two signatures and a fax. Unclaimed Assets took care of all the rest and I got my check within days. During the whole process the staff could not have been more professional, organized and respectful. I think they are the 'Unclaimed Asset'!"
- Brian B. West Sacramento, California

More Testimonials

"My experience with the firm was overwhelmingly favorable... I was impressed by the professionalism and noticeable desire to assist me in claiming my assets...I whole heartedly recommend this company’s services..."
- Paul M., U.S. Army Soeul, S. Korea

"We have been working with Unclaimed Assets since 1996 and we have had great success. They provide excellent customer service and are all very personable." - Tonya A., Life Claims Examiner


I had a great experience and would like to submit a testimonial. How can I do this?

Great! We would love to hear about it; please email us at
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I'm still curious about how all this works. Do you have any more information that I can read up on?

Sure. Supplemental Information.

Can I check my state for unclaimed assets?

Yes. Search.

Do you have references that I can view before hiring you?

Of course! We are happy to provide those. References are available upon request, just email us.


For Life Insurer services, please use provided Missing Beneficiary Form (pdf) and email form to

Unclaimed Assets Beneficiary Locations, Co.

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